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May 28, 2020
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2019-2020 Snow Removal Plan

The Public Works Department has been preparing its overall snow removal strategy since early August 2019. This planning is essential to ensure quality service for residents.

The City met with private snow removal contractors in the fall of 2019 to present the tools available for effective coordination of snow removal operations. Starting this winter, the City is emailing contractors authorized to perform snow removal to announce the start time of snow removal operations throughout the City.


The City is divided into thirteen (13) snow removal sectors where main and secondary arteries and collector streets have priority over residential streets. Eight (8) of these sectors are maintained by City employees, and the remaining five (5) are cleared by contractors.

PRIORITY P1 : Principal roads(Des Sources, St-Jean, Salaberry, Brunswick, and Sunnybrooke Boulevards).

PRIORITY P2 : Secondary roads and collector streets.

PRIORITY P3 : Residential streets.

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