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Use of pesticides

The City of Dollard-des-Ormeaux governs the use of pesticides on its territory with the aim of offering citizens a healthy environment. With a few exceptions, the outdoor use of synthetic pesticides without first obtaining a temporary permit is prohibited at all times. This restriction applies both to citizens and to professionals (e.g., lawncare, pest management/extermination, arborists and landscapers) using this type of product.

Remember that a beautiful lawn and healthy plants can be managed without using toxic pesticides, because low-impact and biopesticides are authorized. However, the use of pesticides from the neonicotinoid family, known to be toxic to bees, is strictly prohibited. These pesticides include but are not limited to Merit and Ima-Jet (imidacloprid) and Arena (clothianidin).

Consult our Bylaw

PDF icon Bylaw_pesticides_R-2015-099.pdf

Do you need a hand?

If you think you’re facing a problem that requires the use of pesticides, or if you would like advice on eco-friendly practices, the City offers a personalized environmental consultation service free of charge. Simply contact the Green Line at

Obtaining a temporary permit

In a few exceptional cases, a free temporary permit for pesticide application can be obtained. Citizens must contact the Green Line to obtain such a permit.

The temporary permit is valid for 10 days as of its issue date.

No permit is required for the application of low-impact pesticides, biopesticides, horticultural oils, azadirachtin (TreeAzin), or active ingredients authorized by the Quebec Pesticides Management Code.

Commercial businesses

Any business providing services such as the application of pesticides, low-impact pesticides, fertilizer, supplements, amendments or biological control agents may not operate on City territory without a valid annual registration certificate issued by the City for this purpose. Businesses must apply for the annual registration certificate and pay the associated fees.

Emerald ash borer

As is the case for lawncare companies and exterminators, any business providing services to treat ash trees against the emerald ash borer or other pests must have an annual registration certificate for businesses, issued by a competent City authority. Moreover, the use of pesticides from the neonicotinoid family is prohibited by both the City of Dollard-des-Ormeaux and the City of Montreal. If you have any questions regarding treatments against the emerald ash borer, please contact the Public Works department at 514-684-1034.