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Recycling Polystyrene (Plastic no. 6)

Recycling Polystyrene - In Search of Plastic no. 6

Whether in the form of Styrofoam or colored or transparent rigid plastic, this plastic can be identified by a small triangle in which the number 6 is nested. If you want to dispose of your polystyrene, bring it to the Civic Centre parking lot, Lake Road entrance, on September 16 2018, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

List of accepted items:

Rigid Polystyrene

Mushroom containers, flip-top containers for fruits and vegetables, individual yogurt containers (remove aluminum lids), CD and DVD sleeves, clear dome packages and black bases for ready-to-eat meals, plates, bowls , glasses and utensils for single use, small containers (goblets) of milk and coffee cream, pots for plants.

Expanded polystyrene

Protective packaging for electronic or household appliances, food trays for meat, fish and poultry, egg packaging, containers, plates and bowls for single use, boxes for annual flowers and others, coolers, coffee glasses and hot drinks, display panels insulation.


• Remove labels

• peel off the adhesive tapes

• remove the absorbent pads

• remove the release lids

• Clean containers well to remove food residues or soil residues *

* Containers that are not clean will be refused

Polystyrene is 100% recyclable. It is recycled into many products such as photo frames, hangers, growing trays, cornices and moldings, cardboard boxes, office supplies and fireproof materials.