No mow may, I protect pollinators


In our community, every gesture counts to preserve local biodiversity and support our precious pollinators. That is why we are proud to present the Dandelion Challenge, an initiative that offers everyone the opportunity to contribute to this essential cause.

As the Dandelion Challenge website puts it, “On an individual level, getting involved starts with a simple but effective action: delay mowing the lawn in spring, allowing pollinators to replenish their supply of pollen and nectar from dandelions and other flowers”. By taking part in this challenge, you are offering bees and other pollinating insects a vital source of food, promoting their well-being and survival.

With pollinators under increasing threat, awareness of their importance is more crucial than ever. Pollinators play an essential role in our ecosystem, ensuring the reproduction of many plants on which our food and health directly depend. Their decline could have serious repercussions on our food supply and the diversity of our environment, underlining the urgent need to act to protect them.

We invite you to join this initiative by letting the dandelions grow on your property during the month of May.


This year, on certain city lots, the vacant lots identified by a a poster will remind us of this approach, inviting us to postpone lawn mowing in order to offer nectar and pollen to pollinating insects thanks to the dandelions naturally present in the lawns.

Together, we can make a real difference to protecting local biodiversity and ensuring a flourishing future for our pollinators.

Thank you for your commitment to our environment.

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