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Certificate of authorization

General principles test JB 2

For all projects listed below in item 2.1, a certificate of authorization is needed. No work may be started without this certificate or a building permit.

Whosoever contravenes any provision of the bylaw concerning permits and certificates is liable to a $50 to $4,000 fine.


In the City of Dollard-des-Ormeaux, an authorization certificate is required to:

  • change the use or destination of a landsite or a construction;
  • excavate the ground, whether or not to remove from the site, earth, sand, gravel, rocks or any other material;
  • modify the configuration of a landsite through clearing or backfilling;
  • move, repair or demolish a construction;
  • construct, install or modify a sign;
  • install a temporary building or structure;
  • install a satellite dish
  • install an above-ground pool, spa or water garden;
  • dismantle an in-ground pool;
  • dump earth, sand, gravel or any other material, including garbage or waste on private or public property;
  • install telecommunication equipment or equipment used to support a cellular telephony network (Bylaw RCA06-2004-808-6);
  • install a temporary sign or a banner (Bylaw R-2007-808-10).
  • When a project requires a building permit, the aforementioned stands for a certificate of authorization.


Certificates of authorization are not required for minor repairs to a building, such as:

  • re-roofing with the same material;
  • replacing rotten parts of a window, a porch or a roof, or other.

However, exemption from having to obtain a certificate of authorization does not diminish the obligation to comply with the bylaw nor the obligation to obtain clarification from the building inspector in cases of uncertainty.

Conformity of the project

If the project does not conform, the inspector must refuse the certificate and explain the nature of the non-conformity.

Obligations of the property owner, tenant or occupant

The owner, tenant or occupant must receive the inspector or his authorized representative upon presenting identification and arriving between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Concerned department

Urban Planning and Engineering, 514 684-1033

Municipal by-laws

These guidelines are for information only and hold no legal value. The official text written in the bylaw takes precedence.

Download Bylaw 91-808.