2024 Municipal taxes


February 6, 2024

Invoices for the 2024 municipal taxes were sent out on January 23. If you still haven’t received yours, you may obtain an electronic copy by sending us an email at taxationddo@ddo.qc.ca.

We kindly remind you that the 1st instalment of municipal taxes is due on February 22. Payments received after the due date will incur a 9% interest and a 5% annual penalty.

Payments can be made in one of the following ways:

  • With your bank’s online banking services (allow three business days).
  • At the City Hall service counter (cheque, debit or cash).
  • At your financial institution (allow three business days).
  • By mail (cheque).

Please note that no reminder will be sent for the second instalment, due May 23.

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