March 15, 2019
Bell will carry out work on the intersection of Des Sources and De Salaberry from March 18 to March 20. Multiple lanes will be blocked between 9:00 a... Lire la suite Read more
March 8, 2019
Bell will carry out work on des Sources and Brunswick from March 11 to March 13. - On Southbound Des Sources, the right-hand lane will be blocked... Lire la suite Read more
March 7, 2019
Fire Station 61, located at 10 Sunnydale, is getting its first facelift in 40 years. The station will be expanded and will shed its old exterior for... Lire la suite Read more
March 7, 2019
Renovation work for Fire Station 61 is underway. Consequently, Glenmore Street will be closed on the side of the fire station between March 11 and 13... Lire la suite Read more
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Snow Removal Operations

Here is all the information concerning snow and ice removal operations. We update the information as quickly as we can. For any questions that our FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions have not answered, write to

Disclaimer: Our crews are hard at work. Please visit the Past Updates page to see when your street was last cleared. Be aware that later meteorological phenomena may have affected your street since our last snow or ice removal operations. Our crews will clear the street again soon.

Note: A call was sent out to our residents on March 1st with the following message:
"We have experienced an extreme winter and much snow and ice have accumulated because of this. Additional crews have been ordered, and we are actively working on clearing all streets. It will take some time. We ask for your help by clearing the front of your driveway and trying not to park on the street to allow smooth operations and be able to move quickly. Please visit our website for further information."