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Aquafitness is a comprehensive water-based fitness program that incorporates light impact exercises and music to develop and improve your cardiovascular capacity and condition your muscles. Participants must be 16 years old and over.

Participants are invited to pay by the class or join classes offered in either our morning, afternoon or evening programs.

To consult the fall 2018 schedule please click below.
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Class descriptions:

Aqua Boot Camp
Kick into high gear with this fast paced, high intensity workout! Aqua Boot Camp brings aquafitness to a whole new level!

Aqua Duo
This dynamic class is a perfect combination of upper and lower body condtioning using progressions and intensities to improve strength and cardiovascular fitness.
Aqua Energy
This energetic shallow water workout for all levels will get your heart pumping & muscles toned.

Aqua Lite
A basic aquafitness class. This class combines controled and transitional, anchored movements for a balanced and safe workout.

Aqua Jogging
Deep water jogging training using an aquabelt.

Aqua Xtreme
Are you looking for an intense, dynamic, shallow water workout? Extremely energetic choreography, combinations and body sculpting, this class will surely challenge your mind and body.

Deep Intervals
Are you looking for a real challenge? In this dynamic deep water cardio session, you will get your heart pumping and muscles toned using an interval workout format.

High Tide Deep Water
Wear a flotation belt and experience a suspended, full body, workout that offers intensive cardiovascular and muscular conditioning. Sail away and enjoy the high tide!

Smooth Sailing
This light and low impact shallow water class incorporates safe, transitional exercises, stretching and muscle toning. It is an ideal class for people with mild joint and muscle problems, back pain, and pregnant mothers, all who want to stay fit for everyday living.


For more information
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