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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the library need expansion and renovation?

The library has not undergone any major changes since its inauguration in 1992. An updated interior design, furniture modernization and expansion of the youth section are required to better meet the current and future needs of citizens.

What is the scope of the project?

The project provides:

  • the integration of a radio frequency identification system (RFID) and the installation of self-service stations for document management;
  • refreshing the furniture taking into account the needs related to technology such as tables with power outlets;
  • the addition of workspaces and seating for citizens;
  • a computer lab;
  • the development of a space dedicated to teenagers; and
  • the expansion of the youth section by 199 square meters.

When does the work begin?

Work began in May 2020.

How long will the work take?

We have planned for 1 year.

Will the library remain open during construction?

The library will be relocated to the basement of the Cultural Centre. We will be open in the Reception Hall (027) to provide basic services to our members.

The current library space will be closed for safety and security reasons during the renovation work. We look forward to receiving everyone in our new and updated space once construction is complete!

Will the library offer its activity programs during the work?

We will maintain our core programs: story times, books clubs and homework help will all be available. Outreach programs such as visits to daycares and story time in the parks will be maintained. Check the library website for our activity calendar.

Will students have access to the atrium to study?

Work is planned in the atrium. For safety and security reasons, we cannot allow access during the renovation.

Where will the expansion of the children’s section take place?

We will be enlarging the library along the brick wall of the arena from the current comic book section and the little outdoor balcony to the shed.

Are you going to add study rooms?

Plans include the addition of 2 study rooms, as well as more individual and group study spaces.

The library is removing many books from the shelves. Why?

The library is refreshing its collection and disposing of documents that are not consulted or borrowed by citizens. Students today use fewer reference books and documentaries and focus on electronic tools (databases, Google). Some topics are less popular than before.

What is RFID?

The acronym RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification.

  • The RFID tag does not include any personal information; it identifies the document and not the borrower.
  • It is planned to install 4 self-service terminals and 2 return stations with a conveyor-sorter

If employees no longer do loans or returns of documents, will they lose their jobs?

No, the employees' tasks will be modified a little. Among other things, they will be called on to assist citizens in using the self-service kiosks. Several tasks remain such as the welcoming and registering, new members, processing periodicals, the shelving documents.

What is the cost of the renovation and expansion project?

The project is estimated at $6.5M.

Where does the money come from?

We have received a grant under the Small Communities Fund program

  • Provincial government: close to $ 1.3 million
  • Federal government: close to $ 1.3 million
  • City of Dollard-des-Ormeaux: $ 3.9 million

Who are the professionals assigned to the project?

  • Architecture: J Dagenais Architecte & Associés - project manager: Julie Dagenais, architect
  • Mechanical and electrical engineering: Bouthillette- Parizeau - project manager: Bruno D. Longval, engineer
  • Engineering structure: Génipur - project manager: Alexandre Senet, engineer

Please forward your questions or comments on the project to

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