Street maintenance



Public Works is responsible for safe road conditions as well as maintaining the City’s infrastructure and existing road network. This includes signs, traffic signals, street line painting and repairs to small sections of concrete sidewalks and asphalt. Should you have any request regarding road maintenance, please contact us at the above-mentioned numbers or addresses.

The engineering division is responsible for infrastructure and street reconstruction programs, including repouring of sidewalks.

Street Sweeping

Our Public Works Department tries to keep streets, sidewalks and bicycle paths free of surface debris. Established routes allow for maintenance crews to sweep all the streets in the City at least once over a three week period, from April to November, unless there is extremely rainy weather or equipment malfunctions.

To request a special pass because of a particular spill or if homes are under construction, please contact us at 514-684-1010 or by e-mail at

Curbside vegetation removal

Public Works uses an innovative high-pressure water method for controlling the unsightly curbside vegetation along residential streets. During the summer months, two such units travel throughout the City. The weed cutting unit is followed by a street sweeper to pick up the cuttings. Please note that during extended dry periods, this service is suspended.

Street lighting and traffic control

Contrary to popular belief, the City does not have a master control board that indicates when street or traffic lights are either burnt out or malfunctioning. We ask residents to alert us of any street or traffic light malfunction at 514-684-1010 or by e-mail at

Report a malfunctioning street light (upcoming online service)

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