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Submit your application

The application form is available on our website or at the front desk of the City Hall, during working hours.

PDF - Job application form

You may forward this form with your resume by fax, e-mail, by mail or in person at the following address.

Human Resources Department
City of Dollard-des-Ormeaux
12,001 De Salaberry Boulevard
Dollard-des-Ormeaux (Québec) H9B 2A7

Equal access to employment program

The City of Dollard-des-Ormeaux subscribes to an equal access to employment program and invites women, Aboriginal peoples, members of visible and ethnic minorities and handicapped persons to submit applications.

For more information

Fax: 514-684-5635
E-mail: ressourceshumaines@ddo.qc.ca

Job offers

Posting number Job title Job type Job category Closing datesort ascending Status
Park monitors Temporary Student December 12, 2018 Open
BLA-2018-23 Infrastructure technology support technician (temporary - one year) Temporary White collar November 18, 2018 In selection
BLA-2018-07 Building inspector (Temporary position - 16 months) Temporary White collar November 14, 2018 Open
BLA-2018-20 Administrative technician - Media Permanent White collar October 5, 2018 In selection
BLA-2018-22 Administrative technician Temporary White collar September 12, 2018 Closed
CAD-2018-07 Foreman - Public works Permanent Management September 12, 2018 Closed
Office clerk - 28 hours per week Temporary White collar August 26, 2018 Closed
BLA-2018-21 Library assistants Temporary White collar August 22, 2018 Closed
CAD-2018-06 Division head - Parks and green spaces Permanent Management August 20, 2018 Closed
BLA-2018-06 Office clerk (Temporary position - 12 months) Temporary White collar July 29, 2018 Closed
BLE-2018-03 Tree trimmer Temporary Blue collar July 15, 2018 Closed
BLA-2018-03 Clerk - Customer service and permits Temporary White collar June 17, 2018 Closed
CAD-2018-05 Division head - Financial analysis and budget planning Permanent Management June 3, 2018 Closed
Civil engineering technical assistant Temporary Student May 31, 2018 Closed
BLA-2018-05 Administrative technician Permanent White collar May 25, 2018 Closed
BLA-2018-04 Library assistant Temporary White collar May 6, 2018 Closed
BLE-2018-01 Driver Temporary Blue collar April 30, 2018 Closed
BLE-2018-02 Welder - Assembler Temporary Blue collar April 2, 2018 Closed
CAD-2018-02 Section manager - Technical services and library systems (2nd posting) Temporary Management March 25, 2018 Closed
BLA-2018-02 Shipping and receiving clerk - Town equipment (7 months) Temporary White collar March 9, 2018 Closed
Library assistant - references Temporary Student March 5, 2018 Closed
Technical assistant in mechanical building systems Temporary Student March 5, 2018 Closed
Library technician assistants Temporary Student March 5, 2018 Closed
Building inspector assistant Temporary Student March 5, 2018 Closed
Gardener helper Temporary Student March 5, 2018 Closed
Office helpers Temporary Student March 5, 2018 Closed
Recreation technical assistant Temporary Student March 5, 2018 Closed
Park monitors Temporary Student March 5, 2018 Closed
Assistant technician in architecture Temporary Student March 5, 2018 Closed
Information technology technical assistant Temporary Student March 5, 2018 Closed
CAD-2018-04 Section head - Communications Permanent Management March 4, 2018 Closed
CAD-2018-03 Section head - Urban planning and territory management (12 months) Temporary Management February 23, 2018 Closed
BLA-2018-01 Civil engineering technician - water and sewers Temporary White collar February 21, 2018 Closed
Maintenance and unkeep worker (Bank of applications) Temporary Blue collar February 16, 2018 Closed
Office assistant Temporary Student February 5, 2018 Closed
Gardener (Bank of applications) Temporary Blue collar February 2, 2018 Closed
CAD-2018-01 Section manager - Public services ( 6 months) Temporary Management January 21, 2018 Closed
BLA-2017-07 Shipping and receiving clerk - town equipment (french version only) Temporary White collar November 17, 2017 Closed
CAD-2017-06 Section head - Information systems Permanent Management October 20, 2017 Closed
CAD-2017-04 Foreman - Public works Temporary Management September 29, 2017 Closed
BLA-2017-04 Building inspector (12 months) Temporary White collar September 21, 2017 Closed
BLA-2017-05 Library assistant Temporary White collar September 10, 2017 Closed
CAD-2017-02 Section manager - Youth services Permanent Management August 31, 2017 Closed
Aqueduct employee Temporary Blue collar August 25, 2017 Closed
BLA-2017-02 Recreation Technician Temporary White collar July 28, 2017 Closed
BLA-2017-01 Secretary for an administrative unit Temporary White collar July 21, 2017 Closed
CAD-2017-01 Section head - underground networks Temporary Management July 12, 2017 Closed
Director and Treasurer Permanent Management June 9, 2017 Closed
Open   Open Closed   Closed In selection   In selection