AMI Usage Policy

  • AMI Usage Policy

Objective and Scope

AMI is a virtual assistant designed to facilitate citizens’ access to municipal services, local regulations, leisure activities, and permit procedures. This usage policy aims to clarify the terms and conditions of interaction with AMI.

Data Confidentiality and Personal Information Protection


Do Not Transmit Personal Information: It is essential not to transmit personal information during your interactions with AMI. If your question requires personal identification, please contact the City directly using the provided contact details.

Data Collection and Use

User-Entered Data: AMI only collects data explicitly provided by users during their interaction with the virtual assistant.

No Additional Data Collection: AMI does not collect browsing data, location data, or any other type of information other than what you, the user, enter during the discussion.

Data Use: The collected data is used exclusively for the analysis and optimization of this service. It is anonymized and stored in compliance with our privacy policy and applicable data protection laws.

Data Anonymization and Retention

– Anonymization: All transmitted data is anonymized to ensure the confidentiality of your identity.

– Retention: Anonymized data is retained for a maximum of 365 days for the purposes of analyzing and optimizing the responses provided by AMI and its understanding of the questions.

Responsibilities and Limitations of the Chatbot

Provision of Links: AMI focuses on providing accurate information by including links to reliable information sources whenever possible.

No Content Creation: AMI relies solely on official data provided by the municipality and does not create its own content.

Areas of Expertise: AMI is limited to providing information on municipal services and regulations. For questions outside this domain, it is recommended to contact the relevant authorities.


By using AMI, you agree to comply with this usage policy and consent to the anonymization and retention of your data for the purpose of improving this service.


The City cannot be held responsible for errors or omissions in the responses provided by AMI. Users are encouraged to verify information with official sources or contact the City for specific advice.

Verification with Official Sources

While AMI strives to provide accurate information, we recommend users always consult official sources and legal documents for the most precise and up-to-date information.

Limitation of Liability

The City is not responsible for actions taken based on the information provided by AMI.

Information Updates

The responses and guidelines provided by AMI are subject to change. It is the user’s responsibility to regularly review this usage policy for any updates.

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