Assistance program for the elderly for the payment of municipal taxes

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  • Assistance program for the elderly for the payment of municipal taxes
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In 2015, the Québec Government decided to offer seniors a grant to help offset significant municipal tax increases. The aim of the grant is to help financially taxpayers who are affected by a significant increase in the value of their residence. As of January 1, 2016, municipalities must inform owners of a residential assessment unit consisting of only one dwelling, that they may be eligible for a potential grant. This grant is given if there is a large increase in the value of a residence.

For the City of Dollard-des-Ormeaux, the significant increase is set at 25.02%, for the 2020-2022 Property Assessment Roll.

Who is entitled to obtain the grant?

You may be entitled to apply for the grant if you meet all of the following conditions:

  • On December 31 of the 2019 taxation year you:

How will the grant be established?

We will apply the general tax rate on the value of the dwelling that exceeds the average increase of one unit dwellings in the municipality (maximum grant: $500).

Subject to exceptions, the amount of the grant will stay the same for all the subsequent years of the 2020-2022 Property Assessment Roll. Exceptions may be due to the variation of the value of the property during the Roll.

Example – Variation of value and grant calculations

General Property Tax (2020):
$0.936 per $100 of evaluation
Property evaluation before the Roll filing:
Property evaluation at Roll filing:
275,000 $
Value increase (A):
37.50 %
Grant Threshold for the City (B):
25.02 %
Increase to consider (A) – (B):
12.48 %
200,000 $ X 12.48 % X 0.936 $ / 100 $ = 233.63 $

The amount of the potential grant appears in box A of form FM-210.1 (2019-10), Amount of the Potential Grant to Offset a Municipal Tax Increase.

For more information about the grant, see the instructions given on form TP-1029.TM-V (2019-11), Grant for Seniors to Offset a Municipal Tax Increase.

How is the grant implemented and administered?

City of Dollard-des-Ormeaux:

Revenue Québec – Financial Aid

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