Occupancy Certificate


General Principles

In the City, one cannot occupy a building or part of a building recently erected or for which the destination or use has been changed, without obtaining beforehand a certificate of occupancy.

Anyone contravening to any provision of the permits and certificates bylaw is liable to a $50 to $4,000 fine.



No certificate of occupancy is required for a residential single-family building.

Conformity of the application and delays

Obligations of the property owner, the tenant or the occupant.

The property owner, tenant or occupant must receive the inspector or his authorized representative upon presenting identification and arriving between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Anyone contravening to Bylaw 91-808 is liable to a statement of offence, except if after having been notified of the nature of the offence. The offender conforms himself to the bylaw within the prescribed period of time.

Concerned department

Urban Planning and Engineering, 514 684-1033

Municipal by-laws

These guidelines are for information only and hold no legal value. The official text written in the bylaw takes precedence.

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