Coolbrooke Park: A Perfect Blend of Leisure and relaxation!

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Coolbrooke Park features multiple recreational spaces and sports fields. Last summer a new Community Zone was added to the park to enhance community engagement. This innovative space features a charming picnic area, creating a delightful environment for families and friends to gather and enjoy quality time together. The picnic area is designed with both comfort and aesthetics in mind, and allows for visitors to enjoy bask under the sun or under the shade provided by the parasols.

The Community Zone is also equipped with a free communal toy box. Stocked with a diverse array of toys suitable for various age groups, from classic board games and sports equipment to Frisbees and kites, there’s something for everyone! Park-goers are welcome to borrow these items for the duration of their visit, adding an extra layer of excitement and entertainment to their day. Borrowers are kindly reminded to not break the toys and to return them to the box after use, ensuring that others can also benefit from this shared resource. In addition to the new picnic area and communal toy box, the Community Zone features a small activity area painted on the ground where kids can play various games.

The Coolbrooke Park Community Zone seamlessly blends the joys of outdoor picnics with the excitement of shared play, creating a social environment that everyone can enjoy. This Community Zone commits to enhancing the overall park experience and exemplifies how thoughtful initiatives can transform public spaces into vibrant, inclusive hubs that truly serve the needs of the community.

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