Unidirectional flushing and inspection of fire hydrants

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The City of Dollard-des-Ormeaux conducts annual maintenance work on its water network. This maintenance work is necessary to ensure the quality of our potable water and to maintain the mains in good condition. This unidirectional flushing maintenance and fire hydrant inspection work also ensures fire protection. The work schedule will be available on this page, please take note of it. Consult the FAQ section for additional information.

The flushing of the water main network will take place between the months of July and August 2024.

The company Aqua Data is mandated to carry out the inspections on the fire hydrants between the months of September and October 2024. 

The work will take place between 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday.

South-East Sector
August 5 to August 15
South-West Sector
August 5 to August 9
Center-1 Sector
July 2 to July 19
Center-2 Sector
July 22 to August 15
East Sector
August 16 to August 27
West Sector
August 12 to August 20


Unidirectional flushing is a technique used to clean water mains. It is done through a series of flushing operations performed sequentially. The City performs this type of work to maintain the condition of the mains and to ensure adequate pressure and flow for its users.

Fire hydrant inspections are used to measure the pressure and flow rate of the network. These inspections allow the City to insure that the water main network and its equipments are functioning properly.

No, it is not necessary to close it.

The work will last approximately 3 weeks per sector. Please consult the map.

Yes, the water remains potable during the work. If the water appears reddish when you turn on your tap, please let the cold water run in your bathtub until it returns to its normal color.

It is best not to use your dishwasher and washing machine between 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. while the work is being done in your area. Let the cold water run in your bathtub before using a cleaning appliance to ensure that no reddish water is present. Rinse your cleaning appliances before using them.

If stains have appeared as a result of the work in your area, please call the City at 514‑684‑1010.

Yes, using the bath or shower has no impact. Please leave the cold water in the bathtub running if it appears reddish in color.

No, you will have access to potable water during the work. Pressure drops may be noticed. A notice will be distributed if an interruption of potable water is necessary.

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