Door to door solicitation


With spring being right at our door, the Municipal Patrol Service has received numerous reports of persons going door to door in order to sell goods or services. Such activities are not authorized without the City’s permission and are therefore illegal as per our by-laws.

Lately, a new unauthorized door to door activity was reported: persons claiming to be working for or with the Montreal Fire Department (SIM) wanting to inspect smoke detectors in private residences. These individuals may also be selling fire alarm systems or fire extinguishers. They claim to be affiliated with the Montreal Fire Department, but in reality they are not. Real fire prevention officers wear clearly identified navy blue uniforms with the Montreal Fire Department logo, they have official ID and can also hand out their City of Montreal business cards on request. Anyone not fitting this description does not work and is not affiliated with the Montreal Fire Department and is trying to deceive you.

If you are approached by anyone soliciting for a charity or claiming to represent a company and you have reason to believe that you are a target of a fraud attempt, close the door right away and report the encounter to the City of Montreal Police (SPVM) by dialing 9-1-1.  A detailed description of the person or persons, any vehicle they may be using or the direction they were last seen heading are all things that will assist responding officers in locating the suspects. You are also invited to contact the Municipal Patrol Service afterwards at (514) 684-6111 to communicate your observations as well.

Please note that individuals soliciting for religious or political entities are not required to obtain permits, unless they are soliciting donations for said entities.

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