Maintenance and pruning of private roadside trees


The summer season has allowed trees, shrubs and hedges to grow well. In autumn, it’s important to ensure that foliage and branches on roadside trees and shrubs don’t interfere with visibility or traffic.

The City reminds homeowners that the following minimum clearances must be maintained at all times:

  • 3 m above the public sidewalk
  • 60 cm side clearance from sidewalk or street if no sidewalk exists
  • 4 m above secondary arteries
  • 4.3 m above main arteries
  • In the visibility triangle zone, no foliage or branches may be present within a height range of 1 m to 4.3 m measured from the ground surface.

For everyone’s safety, please observe these rules !

If the work is done by a contractor, please make sure that he or she takes care of collecting the branch residue. To find a competent tree care professional, please refer to the SIAQ website:

For residents who decide to do the work themselves, please note that the collection service for large-diameter branches up to a maximum of 4 inches (10 cm) is open until October 31 (click here). Branches larger than 4 inches in diameter must be collected by a special refuse pickup service (click here); this service is also open until October 31.

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