Work in progress: Tree trimming and felling by Hydro-Québec

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  • Work in progress: Tree trimming and felling by Hydro-Québec

To improve the quality and reliability of electrical service, Hydro-Québec has been working on vegetation since last spring. Pruning and felling work will continue over the coming months. Consult the work map to find out where the next vegetation work will take place.

Approach to residents

Hydro-Québec forestry technicians are currently conducting an inventory of trees and branches that are not compatible with the power system or are at risk of falling on the system during weather events. Where necessary, the technicians are in contact with the owners concerned. The necessary pruning and felling work will then be carried out.

What to do with wood residue left on the ground ? 

When branches or logs are left in the backyard, the resident must place them at the curb as for any collection of branches and/or special refuse. When the branches are ready for collection, the resident must apply online via the City’s website for service:

  • « Branch pickup » for large-diameter branches up to a maximum of 10 cm (4 in.)
  • « Special refuse pickup » for branches or tree trunks with a diameter greater than 10 cm (4 in.)

Hydro-Québec works to improve the quality of the service

Nearly half of all power outages are caused by tree branches coming into contact with the power system.

The work aims to clear the wires of vegetation that is too close to the power system, thereby reducing the number of outages caused by vegetation by 30% by 2028, while ensuring the safety of the population. In order to succeed, the cooperation of everyone involved is essential.

What you can do to avoid power failures

Did you know that trees and branches are responsible for around 40% of power failures? You can help prevent outages by landscaping and maintaining your outdoor spaces so that vegetation doesn’t get too close to power lines.

Let’s work together to protect the power system and biodiversity by planting species near homes that are compatible with the power system and beneficial to the environment!

Tools developed by Hydro-Québec

To help you choose the right tree or shrub for your situation and carry out outdoor work safely, consult the tools provided by Hydro-Québec.

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